We are all well aware of the versatility of magnets. Their physical properties are as beneficial as they are mysterious. They have a profound usage in various industries. For example, the magnetic separation of essential elements from their impurities has helped the mining industries obtain pure samples of metals from their ores. Magnets have wide usage in industries built on the principles of electromagnetism. Permanent magnets and assemblies have been used in the electric motor industry since the discovery of the electromagnetic properties they possess. 

What are magnet assemblies?

Magnetic assemblies; are defined as the amalgamation of magnetic and non-magnetic components or devices or systems that aims at high magnetic field production. They, are used in various applications, such as automotive, media storage, residential appliances, etc. The magnetic alloys can be Ferrite magnets, Aluminum Nickel Cobalt magnets, Samarium Cobalt Magnets, etc. The non-magnetic alloys include Teflon, Low-carbon steel, Nylon, Acrylics, ABS PBT, etc. 

Why are permanent magnet assemblies widely used in industries?

Permanent magnets are highly capable of generating uniform magnetic fields. It can be static or variable and generate multiple field patterns and gradients. Permanent magnets and assemblies can produce a highly stable electromagnetic field at the outer surface with little flux leakage into the interior rotor space. They have a variety of applications ranging from electric motors, ships, aircraft, pump couplings, batteries, NMR equipment, etc.  

How are magnetic assemblies efficient in cost reduction?

  • Precision: Sustainable magnets are highly efficient in appliances that require precision high-power magnetic fields. Flux leakage is a concerning factor that contributes to the heating of appliances and increases electricity consumption. They tend to wear out faster, and the longevity of the motor is compromised thereby increasing costs. Magnet assemblies deliver precise high-power magnetic fields with very less flux leakage.
  • Mechanical strength: Magnetic alloys alone are susceptible to high mechanical stress causing frictional damage. Magnet assemblies, on the contrary, can effectively handle mechanical stress as they, are combined with tough non-magnetic alloys to provide endurance to the appliances. Magnetic breakdown due to mechanical stress can cause deterioration of the magnetic field and cause damage to the rotors.
  • Magnetic strength: Sustainable magnets provide increased magnetic strength compared to natural magnets. Flux conducting elements are an integral part of the magnetic assembly and help enhance the magnetic strength by focusing on the assembly's field of interest. The magnetic assembly has dramatically impacted the performance of the machine where they are used due to their high power magnetic field production. 
  • Design Features: Another brilliant advantage of using magnet assemblies is that they can, be customized for various parts. These can be designed according to the requirements of the machine and provide magnetic support to the target areas without risking the exposure of electromagnetic force to the non-target areas. The magnet assembly manufacturing methods are diverse and hence, find application in various fields. 

Magnetic assemblies provide a cost-effective solution for a wide range of appliances. Consulting with a team of experts at leading firms providing customized magnet assemblies can prove to be beneficial. Go online and search for the best companies selling high-quality magnet assemblies at the best prices today!